I am so Puffed up!

You are not my favorite anymore!

One of MY favorite condiments is soy sauce.  I love it on broccoli, stir fry, veggies and every time I want to trick myself into feeling like I am eating chinese food.  But I have discovered something that is not so great, water retention!  This week during weigh- in I found I had gained weight instead of lost!  I panicked and thought through my week to determine, WHAT HAPPENED?  I was quite disappointed and began to replay my lean and green choices for the week.  On Sunday I had delicious grilled chicken seasoned with wonderful spices and some soy sauce.  On monday I decided to make a delicious shrimp and veggie stir fry and one of the ingredients was soy sauce.  Tuesday was weigh in… When I got on the scale not only had I not lost any weight, I had GAINED a pound! I felt puffy.  My rings were tight, my ankles felt a little swollen.  (I am very sensitive to how my body feels.)   So Tuesday I drank tons of water, continued on plan and avoided salty condiments.  On Wednesday I was back on track!  I am 5 lbs away from the 30 pound weight loss mile stone.  STAY tuned!  perseverance pay’s off and staying focused no matter what curve ball comes your way is CRITICAL!  Oh and stay away from high sodium lean and green’s right before weigh in.  Quite a kick in the gut!!!

Instead of giving you the recipe for my delicious shrimp stir fry, I will give you a recipe for a lower sodium delicious option!

Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

5 oz Can of tuna in spring water.  Drain Water

2 tablespoons of Diced Jalapeno’s if you like spice

1/4 cup Diced tomatoes

1 tablespoons minced Onions

Mix all of the ingredients together

Take a Large Leaf of Lettuce and put some of the tuna mixture in.  Wrap them up and eat the delicious wrap.  The best part is you can eat the whole thing!!!